Promotional items in the alcohol beverage industry including retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers are gifted during new product launches, partner meetings or corporate events. It is crusial for the item to be vibrant and memorable. We would like to offer some dresh ideas to surprise your audience.

Wine aerator is an ideal example of the finest promotional gifts in alcohol industry. In a matter of minutes this device will enrich the beverage with oxygen. Every 2 seconds it releases 28ml of wine. The capacity of six AAA batteries will be enough for 200 bottles!

The bartender kit is perfect for preparing a multitude of various drinks. It contains absolutely everything needed for making cocktails. The mixology tools are placed into a convenient bamboo stand. Alternatively, you can get the 550 ml shaker separately.

These small figurines can adopt all sorts of shapes, even the most intricate and extraordinary ones. Their main purpose is to cool a drink. It is a creative alternative to ice cubes. Strong and masculine men can complement their bitter cognac with ice bullets, a miniature gun or soccer ball. The “cubes” can be made in almost every form imaginable!

Flasks will most certainly please any high-quality liquor aficionado. Due to the compact size, this gift can be easily stored in a bag or pocket. Meanwhile, a chic set with shot glasses will be highly appreciated by friendly and sociable people.

Bracelet flask is an original and remarkable solution for those who wish to always have their favourite drink handy. Vibrant colours of the flask, outstanding design and eye-catching cap will turn this accessory into an element of style!

This shot glass set includes four 30 ml metal (stainless steel) glasses. It is convenient to carry around, as the shot glasses come in a stylish zippered case.

Decorative metal bottle stoppers. They fit in bottles of various neck widths, ideally complementing the wine and other alcoholic beverages. The base is decorated with an animal figurine or other replaceable objects.

Ceramic bottle stoppers are the perfect promotional gifts for creative and artistic people. Different types of cork and ceramic stoppers give you the freedom of finding the right combination for any occasion.

Branded bottle stoppers. The look of this accessory is completely up to you and, considering the abundance of options, choosing the right design won’t be a problem. Your company logo or any other symbolism is applied to the surface of the item. It will regularly remind the owner of this accessory about your brand.

Bottle stoppers with combination locks are ideal for high-quality wine aficionados, who do not wish to share their fine beverage with others. This accessory will prevent curious kids and teenagers from trying alcoholic beverages and will keep your liquor safe from colleagues and family members, who attempt to drink it. Furthermore, it is simply a very original promotional gift.

Beverage chilling sticks. These are stainless steel rods that maintain the optimal temperature of wine, beer or any other drink. Insert this chilling stick inside the bottle and it will prevent the alcohol from warming over time and distorting the taste.

The “butler tray table” is a miniature wooden countertop with a special wine or Champaign bottle compartment and small table legs that will transform a casual gathering into a romantic dinner. Use it to place several types of cheese or other bites and appetizers and put it directly on the bed.