Modern gadgets enrich our lives, making them easier and more interesting. Regularly, something new appears on the market. With such an abundance of choice everyone will find something useful specifically for them. More and more often “smart” gadgets become the number one choice when it comes to promotional gifts. That is why we are constantly expanding the assortment of gadgets in our catalog of promotional gifts. And today we are ready to introduce you to some of the latest novelties.

Take, for example, these speakers with power bank, that can be connected to a smartphone to play music, as well as used like a radio. They have a comfortable stand, not to mention their stylish design. If needed, the speakers will turn into an energy source to charge your phone or other electronic devices.

GPS wallet

Modern men will most certainly appreciate a wallet with GPS. You will never lose this company giveaway, which means that your money will always be safe. In addition, it is incredibly stylish, and you can place the company logo or any other branding on its surface.

Cooler & warmer for drinks

A cup warmer is an irreplaceable promotional item for any office. Demanding workloads don’t always allow you to drink your coffee or tea, while it is still hot. This gadget will maintain the right temperature of your beverage, even if it is cool indoors. Such an item is a good gift for your employees, a great choice to present during a marketing campaign or use as a prize for corporate contests.

Some models like, for example, this cup holder for car, have also a function for cooling drinks. Just connect it to an energy source, place your favorite beverage can or a bottle of chocolate milk for the kids, and just in a few minutes it will cool or warm up to the right temperature. Get your cold refreshments without the need for bulky refrigerators and uncomfortable cooling bags!

“Smart” daily planners

This corporate gift will tell a lot about your brand. A modern, leather-covered “smart” daily planner allows one to keep or remove notes after they have been inserted. Being able to easily connect to a smartphone, this unique promotional gift can scan images and has many other useful functions.

Along with the daily planner, it is worth getting a wireless charger. As this device is very light and thin, it will easily fit in any small handbag and will not occupy much space at a work desk. Additionally, this gadget minimizes the number of wires “running around” your workspace. Put the company logo on top of the charger and it will surely attract attention, since, to recharge the smartphone, it must be placed on top of the device.

Wireless USB

Another “smart” gadget for modern tech-savvy people is a wireless USB. Several users can work with the device simultaneously, due to its contactless connection to multiple phones, computers, and other equipment. In addition, the USB has a perfect surface to place the company’s logo on.

Every child will fall in love with this 3D pen, which makes incredible imagery and unforgettable 3D figures. It will be carried around everywhere so that no opportunity to surprise friends or please parents with new crafts would be missed. As for the ladies, every woman will value a massage sponge that cleans the skin, removes impurities and improves blood circulation.

All these gadgets will, most likely, be highly appreciated as promotional gifts from your business. They will highlight that your company embraces progress and keeps up to date with new ways of making customers and employees happy. The links in the catalog provide a detailed description of each of these promotional items. If you are interested in the prices, kindly write to us at or use the contact form.