When it comes to corporate items, rather than just mindlessly giving them away, you feel like gifting them with a warm heart and thoughtful mind every single time. Fairly, the modern promotional gifts industry is full of different kinds of interesting presents, new electronic gadgets, and unique office supplies. Sometimes, however, you want a simple, but at the same time “talking for itself” item. You don’t necessarily have to impress your customers with the newest designs or the most upgraded features. You can call to other senses as well. For example, targeting the taste buds!

Today we want to dedicate time and thoroughly talk about such branded corporate gift options as tea. Yes, indeed, tea with the company logo can become quite a successful promotional item. To begin with, tea is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world, which means most likely your selected audience would also enjoy a cup of delicious tea. Besides, tea drinking is such a uniting activity. Being gifted a bag of tasteful and aromatic tea, your client will definitely mention to his friends and family members who gave him this delightful present. Thirdly, let’s estimate that in general people drink 1 to 3 cups of tea per day. Would you like your clients to remember your brand as often as that? The answer is obvious.

 “Greeted by appearance”

Tea can be branded and customized like any other company giveaway. For instance, it can come in branded packaging or a branded metal tin, which can be used long after the tea is finished. The packaging options for tea are quite broad. For example, tea can be presented in a form of miniature hearts, balls or figures of any other shapes. For that, the tea is pressed, and each portion is individually wrapped in a paper or foil. By collecting such miniature “testers”, one can end up having a whole collection of tea with a company logo. Such a set with different flavors and tea varieties will make a great gift.

Small portion packaging is not the only option and you can consider big volumes too. For example, it is quite often to see Pu’er tea in China that is pressed into a circle with a thickness of 1 cm. In addition, Oolong tea is commonly found in the form of a rectangular bar in vacuum sealing. A corporate gift of such quantity is open for a wide audience, as it can be not only given to a particular person but also gifted to a company department or an office. This way the whole team can enjoy having a cup of authentic Chinese tea together. Plus, of course, every person with family values will be delighted to get this gift. After all, spending quality time with family over a cup of tea is also a part of our life with great value.

What other alternative packaging options are there? A broad variety of metal containers with different shapes, wooden boxes, fabric bags. When it comes to tea with the company logo, the most important is to consider the permeability of the packaging. You must be sure that all the health benefitting qualities of tea are well- preserved.

Varieties of tea with logo: which one to gift – energizing or calming?

As it is known, mass production of tea is held in only 5 countries. Without a doubt, a leader in this industry in China. It were the Chinese who discovered the diversity and richness of tea flavors. Today, tea assortment has a lot to choose from: it is the regular black tea with logo (which in China is called “red tea”), green, white, yellow, Oolong and Pu’er tea. Moreover, each of the varieties consists of several tea groups with different flavor notes.

Milk Oolong – a green tea with a strong creamy taste. In literal translation, the name of this tea is “Fire flower with a milky aroma”. Milk Oolong originates in Taiwanese mountain plantations and is harvested only during autumn and spring. The main production of this tea is concentrated in the highland plantations of Nantou Province. Even without adding sugar this tea variety has a delicate sweet taste.

Tieguanyin – a premium variety of Oolong tea. This is a highland large-leaf tea with unique taste properties. This tea is produced in the environment-friendly Fujian province. Tieguanyin tea is quite economical, as even after 5-6 brews the tea retains its taste. The flavour can be described as a mix of spicy and fruity notes.

Mo Li Long Zhu Hua Cha or “Jasmine pearl”. The name sounds very poetic, doesn’t it? It is also justified by the unusual appearance of this tea variety. The leaves are carefully twisted in small balls, which unroll when the tea is brewed. The tea leaves have a light pearly shade, as they are still young while being gathered. It is important to point out the health benefits of this tea. Its properties have beneficial effects on the nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine and digestive systems.

Pu’er – the 3rd most popular tea in China, which is also very well known around the globe. Pu’er is a fermented tea, making it incredibly beneficial for health. It has positive effects on the digestive processes, regulates blood pressure, lowers blood cholesterol and breaks down fats.

набор чая с логотипом

Flowering tea (blooming tea). The brewing process of this tea is a very beautiful ritual. During the brewing process, the tea ball gradually unwraps, revealing the flower. This kind of tea with the company logo is rolled by hand.

Bai Mudan – the most famous variety out of all Chinese white teas. It has a very gentle, soft taste and unobtrusive aroma. Commonly believed that this tea is preferred by women, so if your target audience is mostly female, definitely pay attention to this variety.

In addition to tea leaves, there may be dried flowers, herbs, fruits, and berries. These peculiar combinations are also quite popular nowadays. It is believed that such tea collections have extra health benefits. For instance, to calm the nervous system you can choose a combination of tea with lavender flowers, tea with rose or peach flowers is recommended to preserve the beauty of the skin, goji berries maintain health and longevity, while chamomile helps improve sleep. Thus, you can experiment, try and discover new tastes and new health benefits.

Tea accessories

Furthermore, let’s talk about tea accessories, which, with growing popularity of tea drinking, become more and more desirable as corporate gifts. Tea strainer became one of the most popular company giveaways. This item makes tea brewing easy and convenient anywhere. Now, branded tea, which consists of authentic tea leaves, can be brewed in your own mug in the office. Just put a small amount of tea in the strainer and leave it in hot water. The demand for this gift is so high that nowadays it is almost impossible to list all the different shapes and designs there are out there. The strainer can look like a strawberry or pear, a swan or a fox, or even a submarine.

A unique mug is most certainly a great addition to tea with company logo. For example, one that makes it itself. It has a special compartment, where you can put tea leaves and top them up with hot water.

Finally, some incredible facts about tea:

  • Having a cup of tea after a meal improves digestion. Tea also helps prevent any diseases related to the digestion system.
  • It is scientifically proven that tea stimulates brain activity. It is best to have a cup of tasteful tea before an important meeting or an exam.
  • The British have an interesting tradition – they put the spoon across the cup if they want to show that they do not want to have more. This action serves as a great way to communicate that you shouldn’t pour more tea into this person’s cup.
  • Some tea varieties cost a fortune. Once, a tea was auctioned for $ 685,000 per kilogram.
  • 400 cups of delicious tea can be brewed from only 1 kilogram of tea leaves.
  • The biggest tea bush is 30 meters tall.

Despite being an ordinary product that everyone is familiar with, tea has a wonderful history, backed up by a vast number of amazing facts. This proves that just like hundreds of years ago, today and most likely centuries later tea will be still found in every household. That is why, when it comes to choosing a promotional gift, pay attention to this healthy and tasty beverage.