Did you just realize that an important event is coming soon and you need promotional gifts in very short time? Keep calm. We have good news for you. Some promotional items require quite a bit of time to produce them without losing good quality. Let us present our list of “quickest” promo gifts.

заказать сувениры

1. USB flash drives, 7 days

USB Flash Drives, or simply usb sticks are in highest demand in the storage and transfer of data. It makes it very suitable promotional product. For example, this flash drive in the form of a credit card. It is easy to store as it can fit even into a wallet or card holder, it has a large imprinting area, which you can use to tell about your company. As well as you can use the capacity of a flash drive to save your company presentation or offer to your clients.

заказать сувениры

2. Cases for smartphones / iPhones, 10 days

Days when a cell phone was a rarity are gone. Now everyone has this “smart” and handy gadget. Modern smart phone is a high-tech device, but it is quite fragile, so that the owners seek to get proper phone case. Cases not only protect phones from damage, but they long ago became fashionable stylish accessories. So you can make any imprinting on it or even get a different shape.

часы на слеп браслете

3. Slap bracelet watch, 10 days

Bright colour is not just a fashion trend, but also a great anti-depressant! These watch with a slap bracelet can be made in any colour and will become a perfect stylish accessory. Thin silicone bracelet wraps itself around your wrist and keeps watch from slipping out while doing sports or other activities – such promotional product will be delighted by fans of active lifestyle. The bracelet has a relatively large surface area for the logo imprint or embossing – it all depends on your choice.

металлическая закладка

4. Metal bookmark, 12 days

Despite the dominance of electronic media, paper books are still holding their positions. And those who have not lost the habit of keeping paper copies in hand know that bookmark is an irreplaceable thing! Moreover, this interesting metal bookmark can not only fulfill its intended purpose, but also serve as an element of style, stressing the integrity of the image. Furthermore, such a bookmark can be made of any shape, such as a logo or inscription on its surface.

подставка для смартфона

5. Card holder stand for smartphone + cord manager, 15 days

Being multi purpose is in a fashion! This small accessory will help you organize your work well as it combines stand for the phone, business card holder and organizer of the wires! Irreplaceable and, besides, compact item can be made in any colour and with logo imprint.

кубик антистресс

6. Puzzle Cube anti stress, 15 days

Anti stress is what raises our mood. Now there are many things that are designed for this purpose. Anti stresses can be very different and shape, colour and function. We offer such a cube puzzle that is not only able to distract you for a moment from daily routine, it will also help to remove emotional stress and tension. Its surface has quite a large area that you can use to print information about your company.

внешний аккумулятор заказать

7. Power bank, 15 days

Who does not know the situation when your smartphone running out of charge at the wrong time! Fortunately, now there is a perfect solution – a portable charger which can always be at hand especially when you travel, work, watch movies. The case of a power bank can be made in any color; the surface allows to place company logo.

силиконовый футляр для очков

8. Silicone case for glasses, 15 days

If you use glasses in everyday life such an accessory as a case for glasses certainly will be useful: while travelling, at office, everywhere. It is known that a person’s style is made up of little things, and such accessory may be an expression of your good taste or originality and creative attitude towards life. On the surface of the cover your logo can be placed as well as you can choose the colour of the case.

бирки для багажа ПВХ

9. Luggage Tags, 15 days

Luggage tag is an accessory necessary for every traveler! Whether you are traveling for the purpose of seeing new cities and countries, or travel on business – this small tag serves you great deal. It is securely attached to your luggage using the strap, and allows you to quickly find your suitcase on the conveyor belt. In addition, there is a card inside the pocket of a tag, so you can write down you data, and even if your luggage is lost, airport workers will be able to quickly identify the owner.

сенсорные перчатки для смартфона заказать

10. iGloves for iPhone and other touch-screen devices

Touch-screens only react to the touch of fingers. However, it is not really comfortable to use such devices when the weather outside is freezing, hands easily get frozen. Specially designed gloves woven with metallic threads are easy to solve this problem! You no longer need to remove gloves to take a call or write sms – here it is, the long-awaited comfort of using your iPhone in winter!