Autumn is not a reason for melancholy. On the contrary, for many businesses this time of the year is a great period for various promo-events. The main purpose of every marketing activity is to impress the consumers with useful company giveaways. A vibrant and unique promotional item can easily brighten up the gloomy rainy Autumn season. For example, tea with company logo will warm up your clients and colleges in the office. There is an abundance of ideas, all filled with practicality and intricate designs.

An ideal present for cold weather is a hand warmer with an integrated power bank. By carrying it inside your purse or in one of your jacket pockets, your hands will always remain warm, while your phone constantly stays charged. This cute and original company giveaway will act as a stylish and useful decoration for your desktop or come in handy during a long trip.

Every person, who loves comfort and warmth needs an elegant branded thermo mug. Enjoy drinking delicious tea from a mug that has the logo of your favorite company! Alternatively, always keep close a cup of hot and invigorating coffee. The mug is practical and light, comfortable to use and very durable. With a mug like this, any place will feel warm and cozy.

If the rain caught you off guard, a transparent raincoat with brand logo will always come to the rescue. It will harmoniously blend in the overall look, fitting each and every outfit, while protecting your clothes from getting wet. When folded the raincoat takes little space, but when you open it, the stylish cape will quickly straighten up. It also has pockets and a roomy hood.

Distinct, aromatic, rich, delicious – all of that refers to a warming cup of tea with your company’s logo. Decide upon the tea variety and flavour, choose the right packaging and order a batch for sale or as a promotional gift for your clients and employees. Tea lovers and simply caring people will surely appreciate such an original and warm present.

During rainy weather, having a Tyvek umbrella is almost a must. The surface of this material feels like paper, however, the umbrella is perfectly capable of coping with any amount of water rushing from the sky. This incredibly stylish, the modern accessory has to find its way to the wardrobe of every fashionista.

No mud or dirt road is a challenge, when you have shoe covers. They will protect your expensive sandals or canvas sneakers, save your leather high heels or new running shoes. In folded state the covers easily fit even in a small handbag. They look vibrant and unique and, most importantly, the keep you healthy by protecting your feet from getting wet.

Now you can enjoy fondue in every setting, as this special mug is equally suitable for a small group gathering or a romantic night with your beloved one. You can take this mug camping, use it at the countryside or simply at home after a long day at work. How about organizing a small family picnic at home? You can order each of these corporate gifts with your company’s logo from us at very attractive prices.