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New fashionable and trendy gifts from an innovative material


Tyvek is the trade name of a nonwoven fabric, developed by the DuPont company in the middle of the last century. It is 100% made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fibres with a low number of additives. Tyvek combines the characteristics of several materials — paper, film, and fabric.
Thus, it can be used in many various fields, where such properties as durability, lightweight, moisture resistance, resilience to mechanical and chemical manipulations are of high importance. Moreover, Tyvek is opaque and has a smooth surface.



Corporate gifts from Tyvek withstand damage and scratches and do not tear.

Water resistance

The surfaces of Tyvek products do not absorb water or other liquids.


The density of the material excludes translucence, which is relevant for clothing manufacture.


Tyvek is twice as light as other materials of similar firmness.


The material does not shrink nor stretch during the use (at relative humidity from 0 to 100%)

Temperature range

Tyvek retains firmness and flexibility in a wide temperature range (up to -75 °C)


The material is resilient to numerous bends and easily regains its original form.


Products from Tyvek are recyclable, which significantly reduces waste.

What promotional gifts are made from Tyvek?

The variety of Tyvek promotional items is not so rich. Mainly, these are handbags and backpacks from Tyvek, wallets, and cosmetic cases. Therefore, we are trying to expand the assortment of tyvek gifts, as we consider it to be innovative, unique and at the same time durable and perfectly suitable for branding and tailoring.

Difference of Tyvek from other materials

The lightweight of Tyvek material provides an excellent firmness to weight ratio. This parameter contributes to:
  • Manufacturing lightweight items, which are not inferior to products from other raw materials when it comes to firmness.
  • Reduced energy consumption during transportation in comparison to their heavyweight competition.
Property Tyvek Cloth Polyethylene Paper
Lightweight Yes No Yes Yes
Not flammable Yes No No No
Chemical resistance Yes No No No
Resilience to bends Yes Yes Yes No
Resilience to cuts and scratches Yes No No No

Examples of branded corporate gifts from Tyvek

Tyvek has a smooth surface. Originally, Tyvek is white but, if desired, colour can be applied along the entire surface of the material. The vibrance of the colours and the print remains intact for a long time.
Tyvek Gifts
Tyvek Gifts
Tyvek Gifts
Tyvek Gifts

Quality guarantee

Tyvek has certificates from the manufacturer, which confirm that this material is suitable for recycling. Therefore, all goods made from Tyvek can be justifiably marked as Eco-friendly products.
Tyvek Gifts
Tyvek Gifts
Tyvek Gifts

History of Tyvek

In 1955 an employee of DuPont company made an exciting discovery: he noticed that white polyethylene fluff is flying out from the pipe of the laboratory. After researching this phenomenon, a year later DuPont company submitted a request to patent a firm, linear polyethylene filament. However, the invention under the Tyvek trade name was registered by DuPont only in 1965, while the industrial production only began in 1967.

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